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Maintaining health and wellness is key to living a high quality of life. That said, many individuals have a hard time staying healthy due to the influence of addictive substances and behaviors. Left untreated, the disease of addiction can lead to undesirable outcomes for those suffering from the ravages of this mental and physical affliction.

The good news is, the prevailing attitudes about what addiction is and how it can be treated have evolved. It is now widely recognized to be a disease, and our addiction recovery facility has developed a wide range of effective interventions that have been able to assist many begin their journeys to recovery.

Key to the success of this endeavor is ensuring that addiction recovery center clients understand the overall rehabilitation process, and how each step reinforces the others to produce desirable and lasting outcomes. The benefits of these procedures will be discussed in more detail in the following passages.


The first step in the march towards recovery is client intake. At this time, guests will be welcomed to the addiction treatment center, and will also have an opportunity to get to know some of our treatment staff. Information about the client and their specific issues will be collected, and the individual will have a chance to rest, relax, and prepare for the next step in the process.


During this step, clients will be able to benefit from our drug detox clinic program under caring observation from our on-site staff. This part is important, as it provides the bodies of our guests with an opportunity to get rid of toxic substances, as well as take in nutritious foods to help them progress past this point as quickly as possible. At the same time, it will give them the outside support that can give them the strength to get through this often difficult addiction recovery period.

Dual Diagnosis

For about half of our clients, addiction issues exist alongside a co-occurring mental health disorder. The dual diagnosis part of the process will allow the clients and the counselor they work with to explore some of these potential inner conflicts. By doing so, guests can get treatment for any mental issues that may be contributing to the addictive behaviors, and thus pave the road to true and lasting recovery.


Once these initial steps have been completed, clients will be ready to engage in therapeutic interventions with their counselors. They'll have a chance to look deep within, and honestly speak about past events that may have contributed to the development of their specific substance control issues. This honesty is a key step, and often provides guests of our drug rehab facility with deep insights into themselves that can allow healing to begin at the most intimate levels.

In addition to this, clients will have access to the moral support and understanding of other guests that may have experienced similar struggles. This extended community group at our substance abuse treatment facility provides another level of support, and enables guests to progress more rapidly.

Clients can rest assured that our addiction treatment facility in La Palma, California will serve as a safe and secure environment, and an oasis where they will be shielded from the worries of the outside world.

Follow Up Services

Even though group support is available, clients can rest assured that, at our drug rehab centers, they will be given treatments that are unique to them and their personal needs. This will include follow up services that give guests a caring, understanding structure that enhances their ability to fully realize their true potentials.

These follow up consultations will also work around the personal circumstances of individual clients. This approach allows addiction recovery program participants to make progress at their own pace, free from any worry that they'll ever again have to wage this difficult battle alone.

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