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Millions of Americans suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol, and seeking treatment at an addiction recovery center is the only chance to break free of addiction. Keystone Institute drug rehab center in Mountain View, California offers individualized client care to greatly improve the chances of addiction recovery. Individualized treatment plans paired with a strong community support system provides clients with the tools they need to succeed.

Understanding the steps to recovery can help clients set realistic and achievable goals, and our addiction treatment facility in Mountain View is dedicated to helping clients understanding the process of recovery. The first step to any recovery is committing to change and admitting to the predicament that can only be overcome with professional help. Intake at one of our recovery programs is followed by a supervised detoxification. Then clients will work on their unique rehabilitation plan with a counselor. After going through inpatient therapy, we help our clients gather forms of aftercare that can help them achieve long-term success and freedom from substance dependency.

Client intake may seem like a simple process, but it is an achievement in and of itself. When our clients choose Keystone Institute to assist them their recovery, they are seeking professional and compassionate care to help make positive changes in their lives. Upon arriving at our Mountain View addiction recovery facility, clients meet with staff and undergo an evaluation before moving on to detoxification.

Supervised inpatient detoxification at our Mountain View drug detox clinic is a safer and more effective way to withdrawal from substances because it provides clients with professional supervision in case of emergencies. Detoxification is the process of purging controlled substances from the body. Supervised detoxes are performed Keystone drug rehab centers to provide greater comfort for clients undergoing the detox process. At our facilities, professionally trained staff can monitor clients for symptoms that can be dangerous.

Once clients have successfully completed a supervised detox, our Mountain View addiction recovery program focuses on creating a unique treatment plan catered to each individual client and their personal needs. Dual diagnosis is a term to describe the coexistence of suffering from substance abuse while concurrently facing mental health complications. Identifying a dual diagnosis can assist the understanding of underlying causes of addiction. In reverse, a dual diagnosis can come from mental health issues that have developed as a result of substance abuse. Individual therapy is essential in developing realistic treatment plans that will enable clients to identify and change destructive behavior patterns that lead to drug and alcohol use. And because individual therapy can feel isolating, our Mountain View addiction treatment center emphasizes the importance of community in group therapy. We believe it gives clients an opportunity to share common experiences, vent frustrations in a safe environment, and encourage others to continue their path of recovery.

Successful recovery is a lifelong process, and aftercare treatment is an important step in ensuring a future free of drugs and alcohol. Our staff can help clients connect with a variety of aftercare programs to help improve their chances of lasting success. Sober living facilities are a beneficial first step for many clients who need a stepping stone between the intense care provided at our drug rehab facility in Mountain View and the everyday challenges of reentry into daily life. Clients who choose sober living facilities benefit from the support of others in recovery also living in the homes. Daily chores provide routine, and work outside of the home helps clients reenter the workforce. When clients are ready to move out, we recommend continued therapy, both individual and group sessions, to continue to address individual needs while maintaining support systems and providing a safe space to openly discuss the challenges of recovery.

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Mountain View, California is dedicated to providing the tools our clients need to break free of addiction and lead happier, healthier lives. Call us today to set up a free consultation.

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