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You have reason to believe you can reach a full recovery if you are having difficulty with drug abuse or addiction. A structured addiction recovery program could be just what you need to reach your recovery goal. At the Keystone Institute in Johnston, Iowa, our drug rehab center has a structured addiction recovery system that allows for personalization. That means that you or your loved one will receive a customized addiction recovery plan that is designed for just for you. The program will be structured in such a way that our specialists cover all the bases of your addiction. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we have the recovery tools you need.

A Serene and Supervised Drug Detox Clinic

Your mind, body, and spirit must be cleansed before you can reap the benefits of the rest of the program at our addiction recovery center. You will have the luxury of being in a supervised detoxification program to ensure that you cleanse your body of toxins in a safe, secure, and non-stressful fashion. Our experts will offer you emotional support and answer any questions that you may have about the process. Your detox could take up to several weeks, and you will want to have supportive people by your side.

Therapeutic Comfort and Counsel

Counseling and therapy are the next steps in the substance abuse treatment facility once the detoxification process comes to a close. You can choose from a variety of therapy and counseling types. The two most common types of counseling are group counseling and one-on-one counseling. Group counseling is a situation in which you get to share stories and strategies with people who have been through your struggles. Many people appreciate the fellowship that comes along with group counseling. Some people prefer to have one-on-one counseling so they can dig deeper into the elements that caused the addiction. The counsellor may discover that dual diagnosis mental health treatment is necessary. A personal counsellor can use a number of strategies that he or she feels is best for the client.

Healthy Tasks and Activities

The next stage inside of the drug rehab facility that comes after the counseling is the therapy. The addiction recovery program may include some activities that can help to shift the recovering person into increased health and wellness. Examples of some of the activities that a new client may do inside the addiction recovery center are painting, music making, hiking, swimming and movie watching. The addiction recovery facility may have some programs that are out of the ordinary, as well. The official name for such activities is alternative or holistic therapy.

Aftercare and Support

Aftercare is a crucial part of recovery. Clients should have caring people surrounding them from the moment they get out of the addiction treatment center. Recovery is a lifelong process, and as such, it is necessary for a recovering person to always feel that they can reach out to someone who cares. That person may be a sponsor, counselor, friend, family member, or any other compassionate person. The aftercare may include weekly or monthly calls, support groups, or other treatment strategies. Each client receives a unique treatment plan, but it is always in a way that is in their best interest.

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Our facility, the Keystone Institute in Johnston, Iowa, is available for people who are struggling with addiction. We provide a place for them to recover in the bosom of compassionate and empathetic individuals who will seek to give them the very best care.

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