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The Keystone Institute in Bridgewater, New Jersey is an addiction recovery center that will cater specifically to your needs, whether it be an addiction to drugs or an addiction to alcohol. We provide many different varieties of treatment to assist you with getting your life back from under the control of addiction. We see how hard and long you have been struggling, and we want to help you be successful. Drug rehab centers are full of people just like you who are scared of change, but they are even more scared of not changing. So, you will make that positive choice in your life to save yourself, and get back to the person you used to know.

In any addiction recovery facility, it is important to detoxify. Even more importantly, it is necessary to have a supervised detox. Your safety and comfort is our biggest concern. When making huge changes in your life, like beginning a journey into recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, it is vital to feel comfortable and safe. In a drug detox clinic, you will have the tools and the support to work through your detox with considerably more ease than if you were doing it on your own.

A drug rehab facility can be an excellent place to meet a community of people who are on your side. No one needs to be alone during this time. So surround yourself with a team that wants to support you and listen to you. With a community comes extended support groups. This is important in addiction recovery because it gives you a safe place to go when you need to talk or cry or laugh. These people are your people, and they will be part of what carries you through recovery. This, as you will soon realize, is irreplaceable.

In a substance abuse treatment facility, you may hear the term "dual diagnosis". Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is appropriate when in addition to an addiction to drugs or alcohol, a client is also struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder, like depression or bipolar disorder. The mental illness may be a part of why you have fallen into addiction, but both issues are separate issues and you must receive treatment for each. This is a vital treatment because it will teach you to manage your mental illness in such a way as to give you wholesome life while also giving you peace of mind throughout your recovery.

Safety and comfort for all clients is our promise. Life is scary enough, but when you add an addiction into the mix, it can become far scarier. This is why we promise a safe addiction treatment center, a place where you can be comfortable to be yourself and to focus on your recovery from addiction. We do not want you to worry about your safety. Let us take care of that while your attention is on you and what you need to do to get healthy.

At our addiction treatment facility, we understand that you are an individual, not just a face in the crowd. As such, we offer individualized treatment plans. You have a unique personality, unique struggles, a unique addiction, and a unique story that is all your very own. We do not want to suppress your individuality, which is why we offer you a unique treatment plan that caters to you while in our addiction recovery program. It is important to feel comfortable to speak openly and honestly while in treatment. This will help you find your voice and speak up for yourself. You no longer have to hide or feel ashamed. Instead, take back your power.

You have not had control over your life for so long now. Your addiction has been controlling every choice, every thought, and every move. That stops now. All you have to do is to contact the Keystone Institute in Bridgewater, New Jersey and accept the gift of recovery.

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