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You have been living a precarious life for so long now, without knowing where to turn for help. You have lived in chaos and confusion wondering when it was going to end and how you were going to get out of it. It doesn't have to be like this. There is a light at the end of this long dark tunnel, and it starts with the decision to enter a drug rehab facility. Your addiction to drugs and alcohol have had control over your life. If you are ready now to take back that control, we are here to help you. We care about your recovery, and we want to see you through each process of it.

In our substance abuse treatment facility in Greensboro, North Carolina, we know the process of detox can be daunting and difficult. This is why we provide supervised detox. Detox is a step you should not have to do alone. We want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. You have a truly positive support system behind you the entire time. Once you have detoxed, you can begin the rest of your recovery process with a clear mind and body.

Keystone Institute drug rehab centers offer you a community. This is a group of people who become like a family of supporters encouraging you through this process. You will learn to look for them for support when you are going through the bad days and to celebrate with them when you hit your incredible milestones of recovery. They will be a positive influence in your life and will be there for you through the good days and the bad. With a community comes extended support groups. Here you will learn to find your new, strong voice, speaking up and empowering yourself. There will be no shame or judgments when you learn to speak openly and honestly about your experiences. These are people who truly understand what you are going through, and they are there to help guide you through your recovery.

In our Greensboro addiction recovery program, we only implement individualized treatment plans. We recognize that you are an individual. You have a unique perspective, unique experiences, a unique story, and a unique personality. In our addiction recovery center in Greensboro, we will accept your individuality and find a treatment plan that is molded to your specific needs and situation. This will give you the best chance at recovery and maintaining your sobriety.

Our Greensboro addiction treatment facility is the best place to treat your dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis means when someone has a mental illness alongside an addiction. Mental illnesses include depression, anxiety disorder, or bipolar disorder. These need to be treated first so you can get sober and have a prosperous life. In order to liberate you from your addiction, you need to get treated for all underlying complications.

Addiction recovery is a difficult process, but with the right support system and addiction treatment center, sobriety is possible. We want to offer you a safe environment with positive people and a way to comfortably learn these tools and life skills to build your new life. Keystone Institute is here to encourage you and to help you achieve and maintain your sobriety.

You deserve to have a better life, and another is possible. If you are ready to get sober, call Keystone Institute to set up a free consultation at our Greensboro addiction recovery center. You won’t regret it.

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