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Drug rehab centers have been around for quite some time to help people in your situation. But as the world evolves, an addiction recovery center has to evolve, too. This is why Keystone Institute substance abuse treatment facility in Lake Oswego, Oregon, prides itself on offering the best treatment around.

We understand your frustration. We even understand your fear. This is a huge, life changing decision. But, you can do this. You have been hiding for so long, ashamed and unable to speak up about your experiences. You have isolated yourself, so now you feel alone, but we are here for you. We see your pain and your struggle, and we want to help. We can carry you through the steps of recovery and give you the tools to maintain your sobriety, even when life gets hard. This is the opportunity to save your life.

After eradication denial, detox is the first step in your recovery. At our Lake Oswego addiction recovery facility, we understand supervised detox is the most effective. We want you to be safe and comfortable during this process, but especially during detox. Addiction recovery will not be easy, but with our community by your side and your own determination to do this, you can win this battle.

Our drug rehab facility in Lake Oswego believes in a community of support. This is why we want you to be surrounded by positive people who understand your struggles and experiences. We want you to feel comfortable about leaning on these people who will encourage you and give you strength when you feel like you can’t keep going. You do not have to do this alone. Our community is here for you. You will soon see that these people in our addiction treatment center in Lake Oswego will quickly become like family. Extended support groups are also very helpful. These will allow you to find your voice and learn to speak openly and honestly without the shame of feeling judged. In our Lake Oswego addiction recovery program, it is important to feel like you can be honest, especially when you have been lying to yourself and others for so long. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. Here you will know that you are an empowered, strong individual who deserve to have a happy, healthy life no matter what has happened in your past.

In our Lake Oswego addiction treatment facility, we believe that a dual diagnosis must be treated as two separate issues. A dual diagnosis simply means you have a mental illness underlying your addiction. One may have pushed the other to a more extreme state, but each are individual issues and should have different treatment plans. Living life with a mental illness, such as depression or bipolar disorder, may seem hopeless. This could have pushed you to addiction while trying to cope with your mental illness on your own. It may have seemed like your life was chaos and confusion because of your mental illness. But that is not the end result. You can have a successful, wholesome life if your mental illness is managed properly. We want to help you achieve that and sobriety.

We believe you are an individual. It is important to us that you do not fall through the cracks. At Keystone Institute, we want to give you a unique treatment plan that best suits your individual needs. This, we believe, will help you achieve recovery and success. It is vital that you are recognized as a unique person with a unique story and experiences.

This is not an easy decision, but with the right support behind you, you can be successful. You can get your life back from the control of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and you can have happiness once again. Call us today.

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