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Drug addiction is not an easy road to embark on. When someone decides it is time to choose a different route for their life, knowing there is a safe place to go becomes a lifeline of assistance.

Here at the Keystone Institute, we provide the support you need to remain committed to making this change in your life. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Lewisville, Texas offers a full continuum of care as you begin your journey of addiction recovery.

It all begins with a professionally managed addiction treatment center and continues beyond our clients’ successful completion of a detoxification and rehab treatment program.

The Process of Rehabilitation

Many programs Keystone Institute’s drug rehab centers are customized to meet each client’s needs. However, our programs begin with supervised detoxification as the first stage of treatment.

Detoxification is the process of your body clearing itself of addictive substances. The process is strictly supervised to ensure it is as safe, comfortable, and efficient as possible. Generally, the structure is designed to manage severe and possibly dangerous physiological effects that can occur when clients stop drug or alcohol use.

This is just the beginning, as detoxification does not address any social, behavioral or psychological problems connected with an addiction. Our effective addiction recovery program in Lewisville will also include treatments that focus on lasting changes.

Therefore, detoxification is followed by individual and group therapy sessions based on individualized assessments that each client receives. Following treatment at our drug detox clinic, will also include aftercare services.

Receive Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Conditions

Nearly half of the people who suffer from a mental health condition will use alcohol or drugs as a way to deal with their symptoms. Others who have been abusing alcohol or drugs may develop symptoms of a mental health disorder after a abusing those substances for a long time.

Known as dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders, requires a special kind of treatment from our Lewisville addiction treatment facility. Programs should address both the difficulties of substance abuse and mental health disorder symptoms that trigger certain behaviors.

The use of substances allows a person to temporarily escape from problems and feel a sense of escapism. Continuing this coping mechanism prevents a person from being able to address underlying problems. Their condition worsens as stress becomes difficult to manage.

Integrating treatments that specialize in addressing the intricacies of both conditions can help a person achieve greater success with a lifelong recovery.

Overcome Your Addiction in a Safe and Caring Facility

Our drug rehab facility in Lewisville is a community within a shroud of rehabilitative therapies designed to help our clients. As each person works through their recovery, clients support each other in an extended support group.

The importance of speaking honestly is stressed within this supportive environment at our addiction recovery center in Lewisville. Keystone Institute provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere where clients are never judged. Honesty is a respected moral characteristic and an essential part of reaching long-term recovery.

When you are attempting to rebuild your life after an addiction, it is particularly important to be honest. Not only should you want to be truthful with others, being truthful with yourself is equally important.

Failing to establish honesty within a welcoming environment could put you at risk for a relapse. As clients work through individualized and unique treatment plans, they understand the importance that honesty has on living a successful life away from drugs.

Follow-up support and ongoing care is usually necessary once clients successfully complete their detox and rehabilitation program at our Lewisville addiction recovery facility. Whether one-on-one therapy sessions, support groups or family therapy, our goal is to keep you free from addictive substances and on to a better life. Call Keystone Institute today to set up a free consultation.

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